To prevent static damage to components inside your computer, discharge static electricity from your body before you touch any of your computer’s electronic components. I’m also looking into an external sound card, although this isn’t ideal. Haven’t used dialup in years If the DDR2 memory modules are not installed in matched pairs, the computer will continue to operate, but with a slight reduction in performance. After you remove the heat-sink assembly, lay the assembly on its side. Has anyone called Dell on this, and if so, what do they have to say about it? Reversing the cable prevents the drive from operating and could damage the controller, the drive, or both.

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Next thing I know, my laptop is completely without any sound.

Got the same problem today!!! How do i get to the motherboard where the sound chipset it?

Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop sound card drivers

Just out of curiousity, when did people buy their ? I bought mine just over a year ago, and am just wondering if others have a similar purchase date. I pointed out to the guy that if he did a google search he’d find this thread and a thread on Dell’s own forums that deal with my exact situation.

I would appreciate it. You must route these cables properly when you dell inspiron 5150 audio them to prevent them from being pinched or crimped. Dell inspiron 5150 audio the new floppy drive does not include shoulder screws, use the screws within the drive panel insert. The mounting-bracket screws need to be removed for the removal of the system board.


Please register or login. If you insert the module correctly, the securing clips snap into the cutouts at each end of the module. To prevent static damage to components inside your computer, discharge static electricity from your body before you touch any dell inspiron 5150 audio your computer’s electronic components.

You can do so by touching an unpainted metal surface on the computer chassis. The brackets also keep dust and dirt out of your computer.

Audio problem with Dell Inspiron No, not yet. Audio problem with Dell inspiron 5150 audio Inspiron Most likely a bad solder joint. Audio problem with Dell Inspiron Dell are picking up the imspiron tomorrow so I will get back to you all when I find out what the problem was.

Despite having a plastic shield, the heat-sink assembly may be very hot during normal operation. Dell inspiron 5150 audio the documentation that came with the card for information on configuring the card, making internal connections, or otherwise customizing it for your computer.

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Here’s the link to the thread: Audio problem with Dell Inspiron I bought dell inspiron 5150 audio about a year and a half ago. To disconnect a network dell inspiron 5150 audio, first unplug the cable from your computer and then unplug it from the network port or device.

I know that the modem uses the speakers to make the noise, but even when I pick up another receiver when it tries to dial I hear nothing. Do not install ECC or buffered memory modules. You must route the DC power cables properly through the routing clips when you replace the cables to prevent them from being pinched or crimped. If your computer includes a card retention mechanism, remove the top of the retention mechanism by pressing the tab and pulling up on the top.

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Removing and Installing Parts: Dell Dimension /E Service Manual

Installing filler brackets over empty card-slot openings is necessary to maintain FCC certification of the computer. I assume these external sound card such as the audigy 2 will work over the top of faulty onboard sound Well, It seems to be a common problem, I just posted on the Dell forums http: If you’re dell inspiron 5150 audio with a solder gun, though, it shouldn’t be that bad.

Now, I’ve realised the modem inspieon detect a dialtone or dial any numbers tone with the sound stuffed. Dell inspiron 5150 audio have an Inspiron almost the same as theI think the has onboard wireless and maybe a couple of other small extra features and I sure as hell hope that doesn’t happen to me.

Faulty Audio Well, the sound chip itself seems to be working. Audio problem with Dell Inspiron Like to have a crack at it! Media Card Sudio Optional. Most likely a bad solder joint.