Cheers Nicolai Reply Cancel. Cork golf coaching , extra distance , golf coaching , golf improvement , long drives , lower scores , straighter golf shots , Titleist , Titleist , Titleist Pro V1 , TrackMan. Your new Titleist D2 driver will come with adjustable hosel set to neutral, or A Titleist must not want to mess much with what they feel is near perfection. If that is the case I would work more toward settings that promote a draw.

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Titleist D2 Adjustments – US Equipment – MyGolfSpy Forum

Titleist offers an how to adjust titleist 913 selection of shafts, grips, specifications and other customisation options to help you perform to your potential. Titleist recommends starting with loft adjustments before you attempt to tweak the lie angle. The settings run from A1 to D4 with the above chart explaining what each setting does.

I think it would have been less confusing to simply label ABCD along one axes and along the other. Move up or down in the grid to adjust how to adjust titleist 913. I play both my D3 and F2 in the D1 setting to get an open look to my eye. Though these were good players, the smash factor recorded was not below 1.

For example… If you are hitting a Slice: Failure to follow these instructions may create a titleisf where the clubhead could loosen or disengage from the shaft during a swing, possibly causing serious injury. Its a great comparison for me as it seems you have almost identical clubhead speed and spin numbers for the same loft i currently use for these heads.


In this day and age the technology how to adjust titleist 913 going to be there in how to adjust titleist 913 driver you choose — especially a driver from Titleist. And unless they go white or something in the future, I expect this basic look to continue for some time for Titleist. Face angle is still.

Posted March 13, Joined Jan 7, Messages Location Ireland. Your email is never published or shared. Insert the desired weight by hand into the weight port. As you move out from the center the face becomes thinner tit,eist tapered so that it matches up with the body thickness at the face perimeter.

Titleist settings | Golf Monthly

Titleist Driver Review. I’ve used the C3 combination on my F’s and is spot-on. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to the header Skip to main navigation Skip to search and log in area Skip to main content Skip to footer.

Titleist updates their acclaimed drivers. I approve of the more sinister looks, and have trouble imagining doing more to the drivers. However, this year, both models have the same launch and spin characteristics to provide maximum fitting flexibility. The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball was used and tee height was kept constant for each shot.


I liked the flight of the 3 wood with a little titpeist loft as well how to adjust titleist 913 the open look at address it gave me. What would you recommend?

In the A3 setting the face angle is 1. But of course I do sometimes hit it dead straight, also in windy conditions, but my question is, can i neutralize this a bit by putting it in to C2 or D1.

Titleist 913 settings

As with thethe offers 16 positions with the SureFit hosel hos allow you to get a custom fit club that precisely matches your needs. If you are hitting a hook there are two things you can do to help you out.

It becomes a matter of attitude by way of looks. How to adjust titleist 913 will titlwist it draw biased, flat will make it fade biased, increase in loft closes the head and decrease in loft opens the head. Already have an account?