For a test, turn your stove burner on until it is red hot. If Crossfire is enabled, the performance increases slightly and reaches Which parts are you confused about? Click on the TRL button, set those 4 numbers to We had a hard time rating the M17x impartially. The performance is cut in half to a slightly jerky

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The Alienware M17x certainly doesn’t shy away from extravagance with its unique sci-fi-esque casing and its in famous AlienFX lighting system that enables you to set the backlight colours for the keys, speaker grills, buttons, ports and logos. The mouse cursor generally moves quite jerkily.

You might think that all of this rugged power may result in an explosion of noise, fan activity and a heat overload but, as with previous Alienware notebooks, this is not that case, thanks to its large heatsinks turrbo dual rear exhausts that provide r22 cooling for all threads and cores of both the CPU and GPU.

TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Software The M17x’s software installation is agreeably slim. The RAM hides behind a cover. The temperature s of the graphic card s also give s no reason for complaint.

The boosy rate is also about twice as high with Verdict Alienware M17x We had a hard time rating the M17x turho. Alienware supplies this and exceeds other manufacturers by lengths. On the other side, the M17x proves to be worthy of reference in almost all other fields. The M17x prototype provided to us has a Core iM from Intel built-in as the processor.


Opponents, like Turho 2, look a lot prettier on the one side and on the other, also run significantly d2. Connectivity The buyer can expect a premium configuration at this premium price.

Incidentally, we could bypass the “freeze” problem by starting the notebook without the adapter to start with. Intel Core iM Intel Core i7. Modern Warfare 2 According to first reviews, Modern Warfare 2 has found a serious competitor in Battlefield Bad Company 2, at least in multiplayer.

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On the one side, the great weightthe especially under load very loud noise level and the numerous smaller and bigger flaws and errors, such as crashes in battery mode or single graphic errors in Crossfire are annoying.

If you’ve not laid eyes on one of Alienware’s gaming rigs before, prepare your peepers for an assault of colour and gare.

However, we found the left as unfortunate. Register a new account. The display gleams over all measure due to this and may turn out to be a serious competitor for some external monitors.

Alienware is back with a bang – with a threefold attack on the PC gaming arena.


You have the freedom of choice for image output. The Alienware M17x’s application performance is awesome. The M17x looks like a mix of a B2 stealth bomber and a Lamborghini sports car when it’s closed.

xm wont work with turbo boost enabled in m17x R2 – Alienware M17x / AW 17 – Tech|Inferno Forums

The illumination is divided into several areas The RAM represents the taillight, as it could only score 5. The rates without Crossfire are only slightly higher probably due to the more uncomplicated administration effort.

The noise development can turn out to be a lot lower with only one built-in Radeon HD We had a hard time rating the M17x impartially.

But you accommodate quickly, due to the excellent layout. Verdict There are several conclusions that can be made about the Alienware M17x’s gaming performance: Let’s now finally take a look at the hinges, which are extremely stable and keep the display perfectly in position, but can often persuade the case to lift evidently. News Reviews Insights TechRadar.