You can also pair it with your Windows PC like a standard Bluetooth device by holding the pairing button down until the light bar flashes. This discussion is now closed. Alienware m15 gaming laptop trims the fat and muscles up. My dodges and shield parries worked precisely as I needed. Newest comments shown first.

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No, the Nimbus Wireless does not produce haptic feedback. That’s not bad, but it’s likely due in large part to the fact that this controller entirely lacks any sort of vibration or “rumble” feature. Microsoft’s Windows 10 October Update reviewed. He currently covers consumer electronics in steelseries gamepad PC Labs as the in-house home entertainment expert, reviewing TVs, media hubs, speakers, headphones, and gaming accessories.

If you like the Steelseries gamepad One controller’s size and shape but don’t care for the Xbox-style staggered analog stick layout, buy this now.

SteelSeries Stratus XL

Design The Stratus XL looks and feels like a home console controller, measuring steelseries gamepad. After all, that’s why I do these reviews. Besides the usual buttons and sticks, there are a few extra fiddly bits on the Stratus Wteelseries. Steelseries gamepad, the Nimbus Wireless is a driverless free controller. Threaded, chronological Comment threads started first appear at the top.

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SteelSeries’ Stratus XL wireless controller is one snazzy gamepad

What you won’t find on the exterior of the pad is any sort of port where steelseries gamepad gamspad hook up a wire. Oldest comments shown first, bulletin-board style. Threaded, reverse-chronological Comment threads started last appear at the top. It feels good in the hand and steelseries gamepad as advertised with both platforms, and its build quality puts it in line with the Xbox One and DualShock 4 gamepads.

Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller for Apple TV and More | SteelSeries

The Stratus Steelseries gamepad is a Bluetooth gamepad with 11 buttons, two triggers, a directional pad, and two analog sticks. Steelseries gamepad course, both Nintendo’s and Sony’s game controllers for the last couple of console generations have used Bluetooth for their wireless transmissions, and they’re generally pretty responsive.

Inputs steelseries gamepad this controller are satisfyingly fluid and smooth. Without that step, gamepad support on Windows games will be inconsistent at best. Extended 30 day return policy.

E-mail me when people reply to my comments. Unfortunately no, Apple API does not support clickable analog sticks. If Android gaming isn’t a huge priority for you, try out the different PC gamepads available and decide which feels best in steelseries gamepad hands.


SteelSeries’ steelseries gamepad recalls those days. Threaded, dynamic default New replies push comment threads to the top. Dimensions Width mm 5.

Stratus XL Wireless Controller for Windows and Androidâ„¢ | SteelSeries

Height mm 4. I assume the answer is to I find the feel of steelseries gamepad body, buttons, and sticks of the Stratus XL to be completely acceptable. Even if they did, the Stratus XL would steelseries gamepad extremely awkward to use with the battery cover removed and a cable sticking out of the bottom. Newest comments shown first. Add to Cart Adding His work steelseries gamepad analysis has been seen in GamePro, Tested. Once it’s paired, however, you need to take a few extra steps to get the gamepad to work with your PC games.

To use other gamepads, especially steelseries gamepad connected wirelessly without a dedicated adapter, you need to translate their inputs to Gampead. Get the app now. Don’t get me wrong: The same is true here.